XSLT2 for Nemo Plugin

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What ?

Nemo XSLT 2 Plugin is a plugin for Nemo which brings XSLT2 to Python and Nemo


To install it, simply do : pip3 install nemo_xslttwo_plugin or

git clone https://github.com/Capitains/nemo-xslt2-plugin.git
cd nemo-xslt2-plugin
python3 setup.py install

You need java to be installed on your machine as well as having downloaded the Saxon HE jar. To run the tests you will need to run “make requirements”

From there, you will be able to call it in your python scripts this way :


XSLT and XML Tests files

The XSLT and XML files are given graciously by PhD. Ariane Pinche (Université Lyon 3, CIHAM) and are her property.

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